Getting Started

"I've always wanted to get into yoga but find the odd class I've tried in the past too complicated and too spiritual for me. I just want a simple, no fluff, straight forward class."

You are relatively new to yoga, or you've been attending yoga classes sporadically for less than 2 years. You may be a member of a health club but want to attend a yoga class closer to home. You love what you've experienced from yoga in the past and want to spend more time cultivating a regular yoga practice.

Where You're At

You've heard about the benefits of yoga or you may have tried yoga sporadically in the past. You want to find out more and perhaps delve a little deeper into a yoga practice but you don't know which type of yoga class to go to and have therefore either not gone to, or stuck with a class.

You're now at a point in your life that you want to have a proper go at yoga because you know your body and mind need to be recharged and you feel you deserve some breathing space in your day.

What Your Issues Tend To Be

You just don't know where to start. Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga... You don't know what's what. Maybe you've tried one but didn't enjoy it?

However, you do realise the potential benefits of yoga. Your back feels stiff. You feel lethargic and your energy levels are low. Some days you feel overwhelmed with life. You feel stressed and just need some breathing space.

You realise something has to change and you want straightforward guidance on how to move your body, feel at ease and less stressed.

What You Need Help With Right Now

You know you'll benefit from doing yoga and all you need is straightforward, inclusive, simple guidance. You want a teacher who is grounded, 'normal', who will listen to you and your needs. You want to be guided on how to adapt the moves to suit your body, fitness level, injury and health concerns.

My Class Membership Will Suit You Best

This is designed for people like you. You will experience classes, in person, with Nicole. She will guide you through the classes on a weekly basis, with alternative movements available for the beginner as well as the more experienced person.

The class takes a maximum of 15 people and you will receive personal attention from Nicole to ensure that you are honouring your needs. Your self-confidence will grow. You will feel better, move with ease and feel less stressed.

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